Kentucky Post Article - August 23, 1999

ImageThis is a nice article about Dave and I, written by one of the most popular columnists ever to report on Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. In his 41-year career with the Kentucky Post, Jack Hicks brought to life countless stories of everyday folks who had something to share with the community.

I was an officer with the Fort Thomas Police Department, back in those days. Always the good reporter, Jack would routinely call the station (usually in the evening, prior to his deadline) to see if we had anything newsworthy to report. One night, as a joke, I beat him to the punch: I called the Kentucky Post from the dispatch center. Jack answered the phone and I said, "Jack, this is Mike from the Fort Thomas Police calling. Anything newsworthy going on at the Post"? There was a slight pause...followed by much laughter

Now, nearly 16 years later, I thought it was time to revisit this article, by the great Jack Hicks, which found its way onto the front page of the Post one afternoon. Image

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