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JAN 2021 - 50" Curved Front Display First Impressions.

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Welcome to the 757Simulator website - home to one of the world's most sophisticated personal built flight simulators.

Based on the Boeing 757 twin engine airliner, 757Simulator is a motion based device worthy of FAA certification.

757Simulator takes realism to a level unheard of in home built simulation. It features realistic engine and atmospheric sounds and is securely fastened to a platform that lets you sense every bump, acceleration, deceleration, and turbulent air.

757Simulator also employs immersive elements not found on even commercial based simulators. Such things as flight attendant announcements, integrated air traffic control and even the smell of coffee, bring your virtual world to life - blurring the lines between reality and high-tech illusion.

The primary purpose of 757Simulator is to share our love of aviation with family, friends, as well as ambitious students who excel in science & mathematics.
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