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How It Works

After two and a half years of researching various equipment for motion, air bags were finally chosen as they were the most practical and economical for this

The system, due to room constraint, will employ two airbags oppose to four. Four would have provided banking (roll). However, after much thought, including input from technicians and pilots, acceleration and decelleration was the route we chose to take. Acceleration and deceleration is accomplished by filling and emptying the bags (pitch). Total throw is (6) inches. Thats seems small. Try sitting in a chair and tipping backwards 3 inches. It provides a lot more feel than one would think. The further away you are from the fulcrum the more you experience the feel.


In addition, rough air (turbulence) is simulated by the rapid filling and emptying of the bags.

Complimenting the pneumatic motion system are (2) 120 watt transducers that reproduce low frequency sounds into thumps and bumps.

A special thank you to Mr. Ralph Robinson of R&R Electronics who authored the motion logic for this project.


An old truck universal joint was welded to plates and mounted to both the bottom of simulator platform and concrete basement floor.

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