• Jumpseat
  • Instructor's Controls
  • Station Software


Special consideration was taken when designing the aft jumpseat. Comfort above all else prevailed so cushions and covers from an actual aircraft were chosen. In addition, it was important that the passenger feels as if they are flying in an actual aircraft.

The jumpseat is complete with a lap belt and David Clark headset. The headset communicates directly with pilots headset and monitors air traffic control.

The jumpseat also acts as the instructor's seat and swivels towards the instrictor's control panel.

Instructor's Panel

The instructor's control panel allows for many functions to be performed including and not limited to: Setting aircraft on approach to any runway and under any weather condition. In addition:
  • Start-up/shutdown network PC's
  • Initiate system failures
  • Calculate fuel required
  • Record flight performance
  • Monitor saturated air temp
  • Monitor APU usage cycles
  • Control flight data recorder (FDR)
  • Connect/disconnect flight controls
  • Control internal heat & air cond
  • Out/in coming service phone<

Station Software

The station software is provided by Instructor Station by Luis Gordo of Italy.

It is the preferred choice for hundreds of flight schools, simulator centers and flight simulation enthusiasts.

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